Track Divide and Select Next Track Glitch

Something that is really messing me up is that switching between track divide and going to the next track doesn’t stay focused consistently on the track you have selected when you toggle the track divide. It doesn’t seem consistent between Nuendo 7.1.35 and Cubase Pro 9.0.20.

Try it out yourself without track divide on…

  1. select a track that is normally in the upper half of the track divide
  2. move to a track that will show up in the lower half of the track divide
  3. then turn track divide on
  4. Use “Project -Select Track: Next” and it will jump to the top of the track divide

    This is so frustrating because it is so difficult building a classical edit style take like you would do in Pryamix with 3 point editing. It makes it so with Solo selected track on it will solo two tracks, very glitch and doesn’t seem consistent. When I move up and down it should always move up or down from the track or tracks that are selected and not start from nothing and move back up to the top track divide track.

Just add 3 point editing with individual track divide zoom levels and all will be well!!!