Track doesn’t save/crashes

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I’ve found that the last two times I have been recording audio on Cubasis 3, it has not recorded what I have just completed. I’m using this system for a lot of my voice over work and when I record audio, the audio that shows up in the system will be old audio I recorded on a different track in the same project. None of the new audio that I have just recorded shows up for me to edit or listen to. This also happens after recording and when I look to normalize the track to listen to it back. When I click “normalize” then track is switched into an older audio track from earlier and the new audio vanishes.
I have been exiting Cubasis 3, closing it, and reloading it more times than I can count after each encounter and nothing changes. Restarted my iPad Pro, nothing changes. I use this program for work.

Any tips or solutions would be appreciated.

I currently use this program with the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface and I’ve had no problems for over a year until the past two weeks.

I can’t offer any advice sorry, but I too have had these issues countless times. Definitely when you “normalise” is the worst, it’s got to the stage ive stopped using it. Annoyingly, undo doesn’t revert the track back to the older recording, meaning you have to re-record it grr!

  • Deleting the app, hard shut downs, new projects and all that generic “solutions” make no difference for me.
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Yeah I’m having no luck fixing the issue. I might as well just move on to a new system and start fresh. If anyone has any good recommendations, please send them my way!

Hi @Alexgr,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.
Your issue has been shared with our engineering.

Do you have any additional hardware connected, when running into this issue?

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