Track Edit within Folders not working

I can’t believe that it’s still not working- i really like the Track folders but they have to be open to use Track Edit ???

What’s that for a feature ? or is it a Bug ??

I allways work with controllers e.g artist or 5mc AND I DONT WANT TO CLICK have knobs and Buttons for that.

That really slows me down.

Please Fix This

and yes i know that there are different editors for mixer and tracks in arrangement.

sorry to be a bit emotional but steinberg is not the only software company in my life slowing me down by not working features
or bugs or i don’t care whatever things!!! i don’t bug fix !!! i’m a mixer not software checker, repairer. Please do your job that i can do mine.

thx and again sorry to be a bit rude i know but … come on - i’m tired of this software issues