Track Editing Window Opens to White Screen Locking Cubase 8.5 Pro

I’ve researched and tried some things so I’m posting this for possible help while I do more troubleshooting, a.k.a. stabbing in the dark.

Cubase 8.5 Pro program will open. If I open an existing project, or create a new empty one, the track editing window will open like normal. However, the top bar showing the min/max and close button is normal but the remainder of the window is white and my mouse is stuck showing processing. The Mixer and Transport windows show properly however, I cannot select them, move them or do anything else with Cubase. I have to use task manager to kill it. This issue started a few days ago.

2nd Problem
Today, I started trouble shooting and found a new problem. I inserted my license dongle to it’s normal USB port and the red light didn’t come on. Opening Cubase gave a message I didn’t have a valid license. When moved to another port, it worked. I open Elicenser and ran maintenance. I closed the program, moved the dongle back to the normal port and it’s now working as normal. I dug out my back-up computer and the dongle worked properly.

Recent changes:
I bought a custom laptop in May 2017 and Cubase was installed on it. I’ve been using it to edit existing, and record new, projects. I installed EZDrummer 2 a few weeks ago and opened it to ensure it worked but then did not use it. Last week I worked to learn how to connect my Roland TD-50 through the UR44 through EZD2 as a plug-in to my Cubase 8.5 Pro. I worked on it through several evenings and most of Friday. My laptop had been shut down and restarted at different times. I think I also purchased and installed Malewarebytes. I got EZD2 working, mapped and recorded. Finally, I disconnected from from UR44 and TD-50. I’m sure I shut the laptop down. Later, I opened a previous project and experimented to import my test drum tracks. I shut down for the night. This week when I tried to open an Empty project the problem began. No other programs experience this issue.

My Plan:
I’m going to continue researching threads but I have not come across the issue where the white screen stays and locks up Cubase. I’m going to update drivers and the Cubase programs and restart. I started a large copy job last night that may take another day or two so I wanted to post for help. I have disk images of my C:\ saved and I could re-install Cubase if need be. If anyone has other leads, I would really appreciate any guidance. Thanks in advance!


What do you mean by “track editing window”, please? Do you mean Channel Settings Window? Could you send a screenshot?

Have you tried Cubase Safe Start Mode or trash a Cubase preferences?