Track feedback

Hi guys I’m looking for feedback on my track before I mix it in Dolby-atmos

I’m still learning how to produce music I’m been doing it on and off for a couple of years now. One of my main goals was to release royalty free music / finish setting up my website from January which hasn’t happened yet. For the tracks I was using scaler recording it into an audio I’m trying to avoid using midi track I prefer audio than midi. Whan I’m producing most of the time I get ear fatigue and start to lose perspective and some times get bored of the track or something that I thought was cool isn’t good anymore. I allso notice when I add stuff things start to become a mess I’m trying to limit the amount of stuff I add in a track. Any tips on how to improve on the tracks / work quickly would be appreciated.
I’m trying to release music before end of the year or one track a month. thanks

Sounds ok mate, the only thing it lacks is a top line melody.

Is it in both track i did listen to it on sounds cloud and i mad some notes which is

Wow-01 1:43 fix the breakdown it transitions abruptly remove elements one by one or change sound or find a sample loop.

Ckick clap 1:52 change variation / remove pad.
Maybe find a new rhythm slash sound for the main Melody.

End of track finish abruptly.

And maybe change mid / sub bass depending on melody or main sound.

In my humble opinion my friend both tracks sound like excellent backing tracks for a song, just need a song.

ok, thanks Which track needs a top-line melody?
at what time in the track and for how long.