Track folding/version options

Hi All;

Based on what I found in the manual and here in the forum, I am not able to answer my questions, so any input here appreciated (including “you missed line three paragraph 4 on page 43 of the manual”). Here goes.

I have a lot of audio tracks that I recorded and when it looped it made “lanes” with each successive take. I want to convert those takes into “versions” because of the various features that versions allow. Now as I understand it, I can take the lanes and convert them to tracks, then I could create a “new version” of the original track and copy/paste the lane contents into a new version for however many lanes I have (new version for each lane). This would work, but it would be very tedious and time consuming. I am wondering if I have missed a feature that can take the “lanes” and convert them to “versions”.

On a similar note (and this should probably go in features request but I will post it here as it is related to this topic and maybe this feature already exists and someone will point out to me how I can access it), I would like several options in the track versions that I am currently not finding

  1. I would like to be able to set my record preferences such that when I am recording, a second take becomes a “new version” rather than a “new lane”. This would negate the future necessity of what this post was originally about (which was trying to get the lanes into versions on a track).

  2. I would like to be able to apply custom “audio insert” settings for each “version” of a track. I realize the inserts are on the same track, and the track level is where the audio inserts lay, but it should be possible and that would give us a lot more options and cleaner flow without having to set up additional tracks in order to play with different mixes/effects/inserts.

Thanks for any light you can shed on these topics.

Bill Blair
ANO Publishing