Track Freeze - garbled audio Windows 10.


Windows 10 : Cubase 10 Elements (latest version).

I am unable to freeze tracks in Cubase Elements 10. The resulting audio varies from totally garbled (with a 128 buffer size) to pops and clicks on the 2048 buffer size).

I have no problems exporting a full mix-down at the 64 buffer size so am a little confused by this. I had assumed the track freeze simply mutes all other tracks and does the same as a mixdown and so it should work much the same way but that seems to be a wrong assumption.

I use Studio One and Pro Tools on this same machine and neither exhibit any problems with similar track freeze functions nor is Cubase showing any CPU stress during the operation.

I’ve tried this with both a Focusrite 18i20 interface, an older Avid Mbox 3 and Asio4all and all exhibit the same problem so I’m pretty sure it won’t be a driver issue.

Does anyone have any pointers as to what this might be caused by? The machine I’m using is fairly robust and has remained unchanged for a couple of years.


Hi and welcome,

Could you try to Solo the track you are going to freeze, before, please?

But it sounds weird, indeed.