Track freeze increases resource usage


I have some weird issue here, maybe someone has an advice?

The project is quite loaded and short before dropouts (e.g. if I add other instruments).
But it is running well in the current state.
Now, if I do freeze one single track (Omnisphere2 and few effects), the project will not play any audio anymore. It behaves like overloaded (meters do flicker but a giant dropout only).

Do you maybe have some hint on this or made similar observations?



There is another thread which points to the fact Cubase freezes while freeze a heave project. The workaround is to Solo the track you want to freeze, and then freeze. Does it work to you?

I will try this and revert thanks.
In the meantime this additional hint. Even if i only disable the track, it shows a similar behavior.
In both cases freeze or disable, the faulty state gets saved with the project and is there even if restarting cubase


soloing the track before freezing does not make any difference

Oh also before freezing, see if praying twice and keeping black cats away makes any difference!