Track freezing problem

I have an problem with freezing tracks in Cubasis.

This problem is intermittent but it has happened in earlier versions than the latest version.

Sometimes, if I want to freeze tracks, it works absolutely fine.

Then, with no changes to anything whatsoever, the freeze does not work properly - the freezed sample is much longer than the original and is completely out of time.

Are you aware of this problem? It’s really annoying!!

Is there anything I can do to stop it happening? Or to make the freeze work again, because it will start working again at some point - but I have no idea when that might be…

Some more info here:

And just to note, the problem has resolved itself, totally randomly…

Hi Simon

This does definitely sound like the buffer size issue. Next time it happens, go straight to the audio settings without doing anything else and check the buffer size.
Every time this has happened to me, when i go to audio setting, the buffer has ‘Randomly’ been set to 512.
It is not actually totally random, it happens when using some IAA instruments in certain conditions and loaded in a particular order which makes it hard to find a pattern as to when the buffer gets changed. Any information on which IAA’s and which conditions would be greatly appreciated by lots of people here.
If you get the freeze issue, like I said go straight to audio settings and try and change it back to 256. If you cannot change it, as you will sometimes get a message saying it has been set by another program, exit all IAA’s and Cubasis, then re-open Cubasis and try again.

If you get this issue, and when you go immediately to audio settings without doing anything else and you find it is already set to 256 then I would contact the Steinberg guys here and let them know. If you do I’d use the topic title of Freezing audio is out of time when using 256 buffer - or something like that to make it obvious.