Track / FX Presets star ratings filter missing

The option to filter Track / FX presets by star rating has vanished. This is a very important tool used to just show user presets, which can all be labelled as 5 star. Grateful if this can be restored.


Do you refer to the same topic as it is discussed here already?

Yes Martin, seemed worth raising this as a formal issue.

Yes, I miss that too… :frowning:

Why on earth would this have been removed? I actually rely on this… :unamused:

Another needless thing to have removed. If they wanted to clean up the panels a bit, why not just make it user configurable to hide like almost everything else? Who makes these decisions to just outright cut these things out as if to assume that no one uses them? They’ll probably reintroduce it later down the line and list it as a new user requested feature smh

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