Track gets 'stuck' at a spot and won't stop playing

I’m having an issue while mixing in 10 Pro.

I’m using the Panorama P1 as a controller while working with compression, delay, reverb, etc.

This has happened several times and I was finally able to video it.

Here is a video of what’s happening .

I have to close the project to get it to stop.

Any fixes? It’s really annoying.


Hmm, I was getting this on 10.5 but not on 10.0.60 which has been good, occasional “not responding” but better overall. The CPU meter (within Cubase) used to be on red when this happened to me on 10.5, is that the case for you?

Might it be the delay/reverb on a particular channel/s also? Maybe disable the FX and see if you can replicate the issue. How is the CPU meter

It’s happening on different channels with the different effects.
How do I check the CPU meter? Like this -

I was thinking maybe it’s to do with the fact that I’m using a controller?

So I was able to check the CPU today. The audio performance average load spikes twice: once when the song starts and then also when the vocals start. Otherwise it’s under 25%, more like 15% - 20%. but sometimes the spike doesn’t happen.

And adding reverb to one of my tracks (with the P1) just now got stuck. The average load is about 25% and the real time peak is hovering from 20%-25%.

Definitely some bugs, affecting different users differently. I’m not using 10.5, I find it it’s hungrier on the CPU. Hopefully the next update will resolve most of these issues, but not holding my breath.