Track Hanging and Playback Problem

Just recently I have encounter some problem on playback.Initially everything was fine and clean up all the unwanted file and backup all the project file into separate hardrive so that I have enough space to run the program. At the moment my CPU hardrive used by 239 GB and free space 211 GB.Few weeks ago I have encounter some problem and it doesn’t playback well and frequently stop either in begining or the middle part of the project.Earlier I didn’t have any issue running on Cubase 8.5 and upgraded to 8.5.30.It slows down the speed from no where and initially I thought I have
key the wrong tempo but then it was not.Then I checked VST Performance peaking unsual and
behaving strangely like sudden pick up and skipping into the next bar.It doesn’t have smooth flow
for the entire songs.But then I save the entire project in Mixdown and it playback wells. I’m not sure what when wrong.My colleague says ,perhaps it could be RAM is not supporting enough to generate entire course of the project.Morever he suggested me to look for PC Workstation that will produce stable performance.Therefor I have mind to change to Workstation but then before that, I want you, to have a look at my PC Specification below and let me know where I can upgrade if it is necessary.

Dell Laptop

Processor : Intel®Core™i5-2520M CPU@ 2.50GHz

Installed Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB

System Type: 64 Bit Operating System

Platform: Window 7 Professional

Audio/Midi Interface: Focusrite 2i2 USB

DAW: Steinberg Cubase 8.5

Sampling: Kontakt 5 a) Vintage Organ
b) Olympus Element
c) Rapture -Soprano

VST: 1)Sibelius 7.5
2)Aria Player- Garritan Personal Orchestra 4
3)Musiclab - Real Guitar

I would be grateful if anyone given me feedback and guidance to this problem.


Andrew M Palmer
Composer & Arranger


Wasn’t there any Windows automatic update? Or update of something else?

Could you try to start LatencyMon and check your system?

Hi Martin,I double check and run LatencyMon with no problem and it mention " Your system appears to be suitable for handling real time-audio and other tasks without dropout".Yes,but there is a problem with Windows Automatic Update.Each time I shutdown the PC after my assignment, it automatically update and shutdown.Therefore how do I go about it and what are the necessary to troubleshoot? Thanks Andrew.

Oh, I’m sorry, I’m not Windows expert at all.