Track height adjust not working 12.0.30

Anyone else seeing track height adjust issues in 12.0.30?
Select multiple tracks, move cursor until you get the two bars with up/down arrows, move up or down to adjust track height. Nothing happens for me.
It works for single tracks, but not when multiple tracks are selected.
Same thing happens with the “Zoom Tracks X rows” commands from the drop-down on the right scroll bar: works with a single track selected, not with multiple tracks selected.
I’m on Windows Pro 10 1909, Cubase 12 Pro 12.0.30

Multiple track height adjust works here. I was just using it today.
Haven’t used the zoom command lately so I can’t say.

height adjust works just fine for me too on Windows 11

OK, thanks. I’ll see if it’s a setting or preference.

Have you tried ctrl+ up/down arrows?

So that works - thanks. However, none of the Track Zoom Menu items are working on selected tracks for me, only unselected tracks, and I’m pretty certain that is not how they’ve worked for me in the past.

Update: So I just realized that I had checked the Enlarge Selected Track option under the Edit menu. That seems to be the cause of the problem. When I uncheck this, things work as expected. Is it normal that selecting the Enlarge Selected Track option would cause the entries in the Track Zoom Menu to not function on selected tracks, i.e., it’s use overrides or precludes them functioning? The manual doesn’t specifically say, as far as I’ve found.

Glad that helped. :+1:

Track zoom menu does work for me even with the “enlarge selected”

OK, so I still have some behavior I can’t explain. At least things work well enough for now, but I’ll have to keep working on this.
Thanks for your help and feedback.

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