Track Height Continuity Broken When Using Folders


Not sure if this is a bug or not, but there’s something weird going on with the way tracks in the Project Window respond to zoom commands. It looks like tracks in closed folders do not react to vertical zoom commands, whereas tracks in open folders do. If, like me, you regularly open and close different folders whilst you’re working, this means you end up with a myriad of different vertical zoom levels on all your different tracks, which is then next to impossible to make uniform again.

Is this by design or is this perhaps a bug in the GUI?

If it’s by design, how do I quickly reset all my track heights to a default height?

Many thanks for any help or feedback.


Yea, I was surprised the first time I saw this too.
Key commands can help you out with this.

  1. Set up a key command for Folding-Toggle Tracks.
    (This will open or close all folders in the project)
  2. Set up another key command for Zoom-Tracks 2 Rows.
    This will set all the tracks to the same height.

Number 2 has several options…“1 Row, 2 Rows, 3 Rows” etc.
You might have to experiment to see which one gives you the best view
on your particular setup.

Thanks Rotund

Sounds like key commands is the way to resolve this. I’ll do as you suggest. Seems strange that this is intentional.



Mmm - key commands are a bit of a fudge, because they mess with the configuration of open/closed folders you have in the Project Window.

If I have 50 folder tracks and 12 open, and for some reason the vertical zoom level has got messed up, I can create a macro that will open all folders, then set the track height on everything to 2 rows, then close all the folders again. However, I then have to manually remember which 12 folders I had open, and ope them all up individually in order to get back to where I was, with uniform track heights. There has to be a better way for this to be implemented. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was a minor GUI bug which crept in when folder tracks were introduced. I find it hard to believe this is intentional.

Hopefully Steinberg can give it a look. Incidentally, in my case the issue is a Cubase 7.5 one, not a Nuendo one - I think I must have posted to the wrong forum by mistake. That said, I’m looking at moving to Nuendo as soon as 6.5 is released, so it’s helpful to know Nuendo behaves in the same, slightly unconventional way.


An alternate perspective:

I’d go nuts if track heights were changed inside closed folders! I keep tracks grouped in folders depending on what they’re being used for. Track height is often part of that setup. When I resize a closed folder, the view’s the way I set it up… or last left it. No surprises next time I open them up.

I figure that’s part of the purpose of folder tracks to begin with-- that’s how it works for me, anyway.

What I really wish is that that sort of control could be part of workspaces. That would help the OP, as well…


100% agree, on all accounts.

Point taken. Sounds like we need a prefs option to have zooming affect folded tracks or not.

I use folder tracks to keep my Project Window organised, as my template uses upwards of 1000 tracks. However I’m constantly opening and closing folders as I navigate around, and need a consistent level of zoom across all of those tracks. By the time I;ve opened and closed a few folders and changed zoom levels while I work, I quickly end up with a bunch of totally different zoom levels from one folder to the nextm which I can’t easily resolve, and starts to make the Project Window a real mess.

By the same token, I understand some people may want different zoom levels in different folders, so ideally both need to be accomodated.