track height default for new tracks

haven’t been able to find a definitive answer for this, when I create a new track I want to set a default size so i’m not always resizing it after I create it. anyone know about this?


The default size is the average size of your existing tracks. You cannot specify it by yourself.

Ctrl/Cmd down while resizing one track, resize all.

There are some track height zoom options built on how many rows of track controls you want visible.
You can define visible track controls and also make presets for purpose of what you are working on right now.

So have a look at Track Zoom Menu options. Also allow to choose number of tracks visible and a keyboard shortcut will fix in a flash.

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You can Zoom selected track [Z] Key Command.

10 years after this first post, it looks like it is still not possible to set default line heights. :sunglasses:

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lol ya 10 years is indeed a long time…

I was just having this problem and what fixed it was using the “show all used automation” key command (find the key command for it), then going to the lower right hand corner and hitting the + or - button to adjust the track height you want for all the tracks, then using the “hide all automation” shortcut. After that, for me all new tracks stayed the same height as the rest. Hope this helps

It would be useful for me too to have a preference for the standard track height to set when toggling on the Z button.

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2020–2017 = 3, btw

I’ll return to school :grinning:

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Suddenly Cubase 11 has started making any newly added track having a very narrow height, different than all the other tracks in the project. I’ve been using Cubase for many years and this has never been a problem. Any thoughts?