track Im recording records after the progress line

Hi All
And sorry if there is already an answer.
Everytime I record a new track in Cubase 7 (such as vocals) I can hear my vocals and the other recorded tracks through the monitoring but I notice that the wave visual is placing the recorded track marginally behind the progress line.

When I then go back and listen to all the tracks, the last recorded track in marginally in front of where it needs to be…

Cubase 7
Mac OS10.10
CPU 2.7Ghz
Memory 16GB

I am using a Tascam US-16x8 although exactly the same thing happens when using My Line6 PodX3 so I confident this is Cubase and not the audio interface.

Help please…


The delay of the waveform drawing is normal. Depending on your system, count of recorded tracks, quality, etc. there could be different delays. Drawing of the waveform has much lower priority for the system than the real sound recording. You can even disable the real-time waveform drawing, and draw the waveform after the recording stops, in the Preferences (Record > Audio > Create Audio Images During Record). I would probably recommend you to try this, when you have an issue with the timing.

Btw what about your Constrain Delay Compensation settings?