Track import don't import EXPRESSION MAPS

When you use the new feature TRACK IMPORT from project, it doesn’t import the Expression Maps you have loaded in the track.

Also, it’s a bit slow and it doesn’t help you to use it as a template maker, as it takes 30 seconds or more everytime you want to add a track this way.

That’s funny, I’m experiencing the same issue since yesterday. What’s up with that? It use to import Expression Maps just fine. I’ve recently updated to 10.5.20. It was working before that. So this is a new bug.

I have a huge template on 2 slave computers. I never load the entire template so Importing tracks from a project is extremely useful. Expression maps need to follow as they use to so please fix this asap. I cannot revert to an earlier version as 10.5.20 fixed issues with my Console 1.