Track import from project | Pro/Elements compatibility?

If I were to create a project on Elements can I use the ‘track import from project’ function to import those into Pro?

That would be a complete gamechanger in workflow for on-the-go production.

It should work - a cpr file is a cpr file. If you have both Pro and Elements you could just give it a try & see for yourself.

I own Elements but it’s not currently installed and only really wanting to do so if it’s possible.

I think it should be though.

I just remembered I have a copy of Cubase LE on different computer. I was able to make a Project in it and then import Tracks from that into Pro. So if it works for LE it must for Elements too.

Fantastic, many thanks for that confirmation.

This may revolutionise my workflow.

How so?

A while back I bought Elements to use while travelling (ie to avoid the risk of losing the dongle) and while it had some limitations I was able to get around most by creative routing or using MuTools MUX. However it eventually became a bit of a faff and I used Ableton while on the move. This did mean I was only really able to create presets then import the MIDI manually into Cubase later.

Now though I know I can work full steam ahead on Elements and import the track back into the full project when back in the studio. Then export Pro stems back to Elements to keep the scratch pad “canvas” updated. Given both PCs are backed up to the cloud I can always download the latest Pro project then have Elements import from it.

It’s mind blowingly revolutionary.