Track Input Transformer settings getting lost

Hi All,

Open a new project, create a couple of instrument tracks.
Set the Track Input Transformer to Track and open Transformer panel.
Set track 1 to receive on midi channel 1 . Set track 2 to receive on midi channel 2 , etc.
(using the factory channel filtering presets).

Save project and re-open and they are gone.
The Transformer Panel for track is enabled but says no preset.

Short story, channel filtering settings seem to be getting lost.

I am on windows 10 on an old i7 24 GB mem. Fresh windows Install.
It also is happening on Cubase 12 on my other freshly installed win 10 machine, AMD .

P.S. I’m also getting those hangs when exiting Nuendo. (Also Cubase)
That’s the reason I re-installed both my windows machines, It did seem to help, but not completely.


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Yeah, that transformer is a lying piece of fertilizer and it wants its settings all by itself. Click the check box and all will be revealed. In the transformers defense it’s not really good practice UI/UX design to hide stuff to the point of users presuming it’s not there because it’s labeled as “no preset”, right? And for me I was trying to find the presets and I had to read your post for something in my head to click and then I kind of found what I was looking for. It used to be better …

Omg! I spent few days, figuring out why the track Input Transformer was not saving the Input channel “Pass Channel 01 Only” etc. in the template or the project. Next time I opened the template or the project, the track input transformer would say " No Preset". However after reading your message, and verifying it, indeed the transformer was saving the preset but lying when you open again.