Track Input Transformer settings getting lost

Hi All,

Open a new project, create a couple of instrument tracks.
Set the Track Input Transformer to Track and open Transformer panel.
Set track 1 to receive on midi channel 1 . Set track 2 to receive on midi channel 2 , etc.
(using the factory channel filtering presets).

Save project and re-open and they are gone.
The Transformer Panel for track is enabled but says no preset.

Short story, channel filtering settings seem to be getting lost.

I am on windows 10 on an old i7 24 GB mem. Fresh windows Install.
It also is happening on Cubase 12 on my other freshly installed win 10 machine, AMD .

P.S. I’m also getting those hangs when exiting Nuendo. (Also Cubase)
That’s the reason I re-installed both my windows machines, It did seem to help, but not completely.