Track Inserts, Sends (and volumes?) part-dependend

currently VST live is lacking easy Insert Automation Tracks (which might be quite some huge work package to realize I guess).
A much more straight forward solution to this: Currently all functions of VST live support part dependend settings, only the Track/Mixer Inserts, Sends and Volumes don’t.

Unfortunately we just cannot use Stacks at all for live signal processing: There’s currently just no way to configure stacks if you don’t have a live signal input available. (btw: What was the idea behind the Stacks, let the Singer sing live for 15 minutes while you configure Inserts and Sends for each part and each song? And each instrument? Or do I just misunderstand the Stacks?)

We now have to use the tracks to make use of live signal processing:
Record tracks, configure Inserts and Sends based on the recorded tracks at home, activate Track Monitoring to process the Live Signal exactly the same in the live situation.
BUT: We lose the Part-feature by doing that, so no increased reverb for the quiet bridge of a song, no doubler in the “in-your-face”-part, no different volumes if two singers switch back and forth between lead and backing in a medley.

Would it be possible to add a “P”-Button (or equal) to the tracks in the Mixer that then makes the settings of the Mixer part-dependend for that specific song?

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I don’t understand that sentence. Can you elaborate?
Stacks were “invented” for guitarists, but work just as well for any other audio signal like vocals. They are complete sub-mixers of their own, and as you pointed out, work on a Part basis as opposed to track channels.
“Declaring” the entire mixer to be Part related would be a major task and might be confusing.

Don’t understand that either. I guess you mean you play back from a track to adjust channel? With a guitar this is a common task, play, twiddle, play something else…

We will have Stacks as Track Inputs later, maybe that will help.
On a related note, next version features Actions/Shortcuts for Stack Insert enables.

Sounds really great :sunglasses:

To configure your effect chain in the Stacks you always need a live signal, so a guitarist playing or a singer singing. To play around with effects with a solo instrument this might be usefull, but on a full show level (and VST live is a software for live shows) this is not a realistic approach.
You would always configure the effect chains of single instruments based on the overall sound of all instruments combined to place them properly in the mix. So as a sound engineer, I would need to configure the stacks of each part and each song while the full band is playing: that’s just not going to happen. We would sit there for days repeating single parts.

So in my opinion, the stack feature is not usable without the option to configure them based on multitrack records instead of only live inputs.

This would not help in this scenario.
What would work is a switch between a recorded track input to the stacks and a live input.

Looking at VST live’s signal flow at the moment, there is a live section with Stacks and Layers supporting parts going into the Mixer on one side of the flow and a track based section without part support going into the mixer on the other side.
That works perfectly well if you consider the tracks as a “playback source”, but it doesn’t work well if you also see recorded tracks as the only way to develop a show from home. You currently just cannot configure Stacks without having the full band playing in front of you while you sit there juggling with inserts and sends. And in our case the one sitting there is also the lead singer, so I would have to sing in parallel while doing so. That is a major flaw IMHO!

Makes perfect sense. We will check how it can be improved.

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Right you are, we are considering the other way round as with Layers (tracks can be Stack inputs), which would also be more consistent.

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That really sounds great, looking forward to it!
Please also support the monitor button in this scenario.
Then it’s just one click to chose between track playback and live signal going into the stack, that would solve all our problems with stacks :star_struck: