Track Inspector Not Responding


I have been using the basic Cubase (LE AI Elements 7 64 bit) for a few years now and I’m having problems with the Inspector. So that’s the panel I can elect to be visible to the left of the main track listing area that has all the additional controls for the highlighted track.

Clicking a grey/gray section heading tab does not reveal that section panel so it’s kind of frozen. It’s frozen with some tabs open and some shut. Also, normally I click on the top bit with the track name to reveal the volume, pan and delay sliders to make adjustments on the hoof but that is frozen too. Also it has 2 sections open at once whereas the currently open section normally collapses when I select another section’s grey tab. So some of the list under the inserts section list like reverb, compressor and limiter are now off the bottom of the screen and I cannot reach them to make adjustments to those parameters.

Also, it’s a pain having to go over to the mixer dashboard and back again to reduce a dominant track volume while I focus on edits on another track for example.

Does anybody know why this is happening and what I can do to remedy?

[Edit… this problem persists but changes slightly in that the inspector sections currently visible vary from one session to another so on one session I might have the inserts list visible and selectable but the next session it’s hidden or not selectable]

[EDIT 03/11/20 - POSSIBLY SOLVED - I think this was connected to a problem described in a later thread I started and that has been solved (temporarily at least) by a laptop “Restart”]

Thank you.

Screen Shot?

In mobile or desktop?

Screenshots attached. Also showing additional characteristics of the problem as described below.

I’ve Done a bit more testing and ctrl or alt clicks as defined in the manual do nothing either. Also if I right click on a tab and un-tick one of the sections it removes the un-ticked tab as expected but then it’s just a stack of closed tabs (screenshot). When I do that then no sections are able to be opened again and changing that one track’s inspector similarly changes the inspectors of all the other tracks of the same type. So if I do that on a guitar track it affects all the instrument tracks but not the synth (HALion) tracks. Likewise if I do that to one of the synth tracks then it affects all the other synth tracks. When this happens the whole thing isn’t dead however as the bypass buttons on the right hand end of the tabs are going orange/blue when clicked and also the track name bit at the top gets the blue highlight so looks like that’s editable too. It is doing it on the previous project too. I’m reluctant to go back further in case it messes up some of the polished archived stuff.

Thank you.

Are those attachments showing? It says not downloaded my end yet I can view them!?!

Re " mobile or desktop" question … It’s on a Toshiba laptop with processor details as per footnote. It’s the same laptop I’ve always used with this particular edition of the software. It’s not a CPU or RAM overload as it’s happening with everything at standstill so the task manager traces are pretty relaxed.

Thank you

More info…
I saved a project with the inspector in the fully collapsed and frozen state described above and when I re-open it the inspector is the same collapsed as saved. I then proceeded with some tweaks and edits and some time later the problem shifted all by itself to the state where some of the inspector sections had opened all by themselves but the section heading tabs are still frozen re manual selection by the screen pointer. So I now have the version as per fresh screenshot attached.