Track Inspector not shown - tracks in closed folder

Hi, I use the lower zone mixer primarily. When I have tracks in a folder and the folder is closed, the track inspector is not shown when the track is selected in the mixer. When the folder is opened, it is shown. We should be able to select tracks in the mixer and have access to the inspector regardless of folder state.


The track selection in the Lower Zone MixConsole is not followed by the Project area track selection. So even if you select other track in the MixConsole (but the one which has been selected in the Project area), the Inspector shows the Project area Track’s Inspector.

Hi Martin,
I have “Sync Selection in Project Window and Mix Console” selected in Preferences and when I select a track in the Project Window it selects in the Lower ZoneMixConsole
When I select a track in the Lower ZoneMixConsole it selects in the Project Window
But if the folder is closed in the Project Window and I select the track in the Lowerzone MixConsole, I don’t see it in the inspector
I like to use the Lower Zone Mix Console for Faders and the Inspector for Inserts and Send, so it would be nice if the Inspector could follow the track selection in the LowerZone Mix Console.


I can confirm. It’s the same if you select the track in the MixConsole (window).