Track Inspector Pin

Hi everyone

I’m having trouble using the “pin” feature in the Track Inspector settings.

I’m trying to pin the Audio Inserts, Audio Sends, and Audio Fader tabs open so they don’t close when I select other tabs.
I’ve tried opening them all together by command-clicking them, opening the setup dialog, enabling the pin for each of them, saving a preset, and pressing OK. However when I do this, all the tabs just close immediately.

Not sure how to keep them all open.

Any ideas?

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2021 and we’re still dealing with the broken pins and inspector settings. It’s almost embarrassing now.

Pin works for one but not the other.
Inspector cogs are a hot messssss.
Setup won’t remember on relaunch…just a garble of working and not working “features” in the inspector which is one of the most important parts of the DAW.