Track inspector volume fader

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Cubase 12 Pro , Mac.

Is it possible to view the track inspector volume as a vertical fader like it shows in the mixer console?



In the Inspector, you can show the Fader tab, where is the very same fader, as it is in the MixConsole.

Hi there Martin, the fader tab does show in the inspector (horizontal and small), though I’d like to see it as it shows in the mixer (vertical fader).
Screenshot 2024-06-07 alle 08.42.31


What about this one?

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 8.53.34

Hi Martin, yes it shows by clicking the fourth slot and then selecting “Audio fader”, I was wondering whether it would be possible to show this fader by default in the first slot, under the track controls. If I ain’t wrong, it used to be this way.

You can configure what sections are shown in the Inspector as well as change the order of them. See this entry in the manual.

Thanks for your answer, though " Set up Inspector Sections Pane" doesn’t allow to choose how/where you want the volume fader to show. It only allows to show / hide it.

Then you didn’t read the whole thing.


You can also Ctrl/Cmd+click to expand multiple tabs.

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Probably I haven’t explained well what I’m trying to figure:

In the Inspector settings the “Basics” tab is the one that shows by default. It features an horizontal fader which is hard to adjust using the mouse.


In VST instruments:

The vertical volume fader is inside the “instrument” tab, and in order to be opened you need to click first on that pane and secondly on “audio fader”. Yes you can move up that tab and put it under the “Basics” one, though you’d still need to open it first than click again to open the audio fader.

In audio tracks: you can indeed move up the vertical fader pane but - still - It’ll show below "Basics”.

I was simply wondering whether it would be possible to have the vertical fader showing in the “Basics” tab by default. That’s all :slight_smile:


You can keep both tabs open, so the “Basics” and the fader are both reachable immediately.

Hi Martin, doens’t work this end: opening the Instrument tab will close the Basics one.


As mentioned above:

Ctrl/Cmd+click, this is what I get:


I would guess, you are on Mac. So the Ctrl+click makes right-click in fact. On Mac, you have to Cmd+clickon the tab.

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Thanks, I was hitting Cntrl + click on an empty space of the inspector (trying to access the “customize” settings). Solved :slight_smile:

Do the Ctrl/Cmd-click on any of these triangles:

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