Track instruments and multiple outputs

I’m changing over from using rack instruments to track instruments and have a question concerning multiple outputs.

For my drums i like to have multiple outputs for the various drums (kick, snare, hat, etc.)

This is pretty easy to do with my rack instruments but I noticed that with my track instruments i can only see one output at a time in the inspector.

Is there a way to show all of my individual outputs that I’ve enabled in “enable outputs” for my track instrument show in the track list at once rather than having to call up these outputs up one at a time?

You got to activate the output as at rack instruments.

Yes I figured that one out. What would be nice is if all of those outputs that I enable would show up in the main Window without having to go through a menu and pick them one at a time like they do when you use the racks. I’m hoping that there is a setting that I am missing.

What’s the advantage of using track instruments over rack instruments?

Being able to export and recall the instrument, MIDI tracks and attach a reverb and extra settings, like sends, eq, etc. all in one.