Track is very quiet - Cubase Elements 10.5

Hi All

I have tried googling this / searching forums but my limited understanding of the software is making it hard for me to explain / find an answer - despite it no doubt being simple.

In short- one of my tracks has suddenly become very quiet. I assume that i have pressed something. When i try to up the volume for said track, in the mix console, it does increase the volume but the level indicator does not reach the maximum (even if the slider is at max) like it does with other tracks. I think it gets to around half way and so it is pretty quiet even if i turn down everything eles. It’s Almost as if it is being limited somehow. When i turn up the master(?) stereo out volume within the mix console, it appears to increase the volume of other tracks considerably but only in a minor way for the track that i am having problems with.

I have an earlier saved version of the project which is fine. I’ve tried clicking around to compare things but i’m not having a lot of luck.

Any ideas?

(Cubase Elements 10.5)



Click to the Audio Event and double check the Info Line in the upper part of the window. Is the Volume set to 0.00db?