Track keeps becoming "invisible", tho' I keep changing back

"Track keeps becoming “invisible”, tho’ I keep changing it back to “visible”. "

FWIW, it’s a MIDI track. I’ll look for it in the project window, find I don’t see it listed (though I can hear it), I look under the visibility tab and see it is deselected (i.e., it is toggled to be “invisible”).

Eyebrows raised, because I don’t remember making it “invisible”. Either way, I then select it (so it is toggled to be “visible”), and there it is, “visible” as expected.

But when I go to the mixer page and then back to the project window … it is invisible again, and in the visibility tab it is deselected again - once again, I can only hear it, not see it!

Any idea why this is happening? It only happens to this one MIDI track (though I haven’t worked on a different project since I started noticing this).

Thanks -

I guess you have activated visibility synchronisation between mixer and project window (right click on visibility tab). But why your midi track get’s invisible again when you switch to the mixer window, I don’t know. Have you activated any visibility configurations or agents?
Here everything works as expected. When I switch any track visible or in invisible in the mixer or project window, it will be synchronised in the other window.

Thanks, Svengali :slight_smile:. I guess it’s probably a minorly corrupted project. When I get a moment I’ll check it out on a brand new one, but it’s not bad enough to keep me from working for the moment.