Track label quandry

Hello all,

In Cubase 8.5 the label in the Windows title bar for Sample Editor is not in sync with the Track label (see attachment). So I don’t know which track I’m really editing unless I check back in the main project window. Confusing, time consuming, and prone to errors.

Perhaps of note is that the Voc “any time” track was created by duping. I guess that’s why in the Sample Editor it shows “Vocals (D)_20”. But after duping it, I relabeled it to Voc “any time”. The expectation is to show that in the Sample Editor. What am I missing and is there any way to sync these labels?

Thanks much.

Sample ed label.jpg

The name shown in the sample editor is the name of the audio file you are editing not the track that an audio part is sitting on. If you think about it this makes sense because you can have audio parts on different tracks that are all from the same audio file. If you edit an instance that is on Track A, it will all change an instance on Track B. If you want the name to be different you need to change the filename. You can do this in the Media Pool or by renaming an Audio Part in the Project Window that is associated with the file.

FYI, MIDI Parts work the same way. When you open a part in the Key Editor it shows the Part not Track name (although they both may have the same name).

That’s it then. Yes, it does make sense. I haven’t been concentrating enough on the Media Pool, either.

Thanks very much for you help sorting this out for me. Much appreciated, Raino.