Track labels on CD


Maybe someone can comment on this for Wavelab Elements 7. I am under the assumption that when I poulate the TEXT in the Montage section prior to burning a CD, that the tracks will have labels? But no text info is making it onto the CD at all.



Please make sure that your drive is supplied with the latest firmware version. Some drives don´t support cd text.

Have you tried to re-import your burned CD via Elements?
I had the same impression, but then re-importing noticed the Text was there.
Also activate the “automatic text extraction” when importing CD tracks.

Hope this helps

Yup tried this too. No change. I’m working with Elements 7 in XP which isn’t really supported, so I’m wondering if that could be the issue.


What is it exactly that you do by ‘populating Text in montage’? Maybe someone has an idea if we get a step-by-step procedure you use.

Luck, Arjan

How are you checking the text? Keep in mind, cd-text is only supported on a few devices (DVD players, some car stereos). itunes and most other media players pull info from Gracenote or CDDB and cannot read cd-text. For itunes you need to submit tracks to Gracenote.

Pete Lyman