Track Latency after opening project

Hi there,

I have this weird problem with Cubase 7.0.2.

I have a project with around 80 tracks (including FX and group tracks). Projects loads fine and sounds good to me. Asio performance is at around 20% or something, so not really heavy on the CPU and such.

Then, I want to use Nectar on a chorus vocal track; just to use the doubler. I add the plugin, configure the doubler and it sounds good.

I close the project for the day and open it back tomorrow… Now I have latency on my chorus vocal track… I remove the plugin and all is fine again…

I noticed this behaviour before with a guitartrack in a different project. So I believe it’s because of Cubase.

I have ASIO-guard turned of, because my computer doesn’t like it.

Anybody have any idea or tips why this is happening and how to fix it? I can’t mix with latency and I’m not going to delay my tracks to make sure it sits in correctly…


Nobody has any response to this?

I forgot to mention: I use JBridge for some 64-bit plugins, but… in the current project I only use native 64-bit plugins…

Hi there,

which VST Plug-Ins do you remove from your project?
Name, Version, Developer?

Maybe we can clarify this …

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