Track limit exceded

Hi all,
I just upgraded from studio 4 to artist 9 and when i transfered a project last night i got the track limit exceded warning. How can something be called an upgrade if it cant handle what went before it. can anybody tell me what i am missing or where i am going wrong.Thanks, Paul.

As by the official Steinberg Cubase page, Cubase Artist 9.5 is limited to 64 Audio tracks, 128 midi tracks and 32 VST instrument tracks. Cubase Pro 9.5 has unlimited. Not sure if it is those limits you hit, or it is a bug somewhere?

Hi KHS, Yes i have seen that, i just dont understand why i could have more tracks in a ten year old version of cubase than in a brand new one ,Kinda defeats the purpose of the so called upgrade [unless i spring for the pro version] that was advertised.

Presumably because in most other aspects the version is much more advanced? Though I understand how you feel, it’s not the sort of thing you’d hope would happen.

But there may be a way round the issue at least as far as working on already recorded material is concerned. Which type of tracks caused the message to show itself?

Hi Planachist,
it’s on audio tracks, i can go back to the old computer and do some bounces to free up space. But its still a pain and imo misleadingly sold to me as an upgrade. i would appreciate any ideas for a work around. thanks. Paul

That’s the reason for always checking the specs of the new version first.
Your old version is assumable a higher version as in it being the old “Pro version” I think. You have now upgraded into a newer version but also a lower tier as you bought the Artist version and not the Pro version.

The only real work around I’m afraid, is to upgrade to Pro version unless you can live with the limitations in the Artist version.

No KHS, i was using studio 4 which was not the pro version and have upgraded to artist 9 as per the steinberg website. studio 4 had unlimited tracks and artist 9 has limited tracks.

I might be wrong about the Cubase 4 versions. Anyway, the track limitation info can be easily found on the Steinberg page and something you should have checked on before deciding which version to buy.

Sorry, can’t suggest a work around if it’s audio tracks. I understand the pain.

There was a "down"date period from Studio 5(.5(the last “free” .5 update)) to Artist 6. I remember wanting to "up"date to 6 at the time, but couldn’t justify the cost of the full version. Studio version users at that time were either stuck with what they had (which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing - Studio 5 was great), or had to jump up a level. There was simply no “up"date to be purchased. I ended up holding out until 7 was released and quickly snatched up a boxed up"grade” to 6.5 (full) which got me into the grace period update to 7. I’ve been a happy Cubase user (and occasional abuser) ever since …

Anyway …

Cubase Studio 5 = “virtually” :confused: unlimited audio tracks

Cubase Artist 6->9.5 = 64 audio tracks

Hey, at least they let you purchase the "down"date! :mrgreen: