Track list width problem


Maybe anyone had this problem: - Track list width is not fixed in one position, it wraps each time after opening Device setup, wave editor, etc. Sounds like a silly problem, but it’s quite uncomfortable and I can’t find the way to solve it. Locking active workspace doesn’t help.

Thanks in advance!

Weird. What OS, System specs, Cubase version etc.?

Currently - Cubase 6.5, Win7.

I had this problem in Cubase 5 also, it also appears in my studio PC (XP platform).

Another interesting thing - this problem appears after migrating from one PC to another (projects are migrating form studio to my home PC and back). If I create a new project, the Track list is in “fixed” position.

The “unfixed” Track list doesn’t appear when in “Window Layout” setup “Inspector” is disabled.

Any ideas?

Do you have different screen resolutions on your machines? It’s a long shot but you never know.