Track Lock.... locked!

I have just received a project from a friend and the MIDI drum track was locked (padlock lit up) I can’t seem to switch it back on again

All other tracks behave as usual (audio and MIDI) They lock and unlock, but this drum track just won’t play ball!

Is there a track lock - lock??

If you click the Lock Sign, does the Lock show “unlocked” but you still can’t change the midi events…or does the Sign never change its state?


Nope, when you click the lock button it stays lit.

I think it has something to do with not having the “drum edit” page configured. I found a workaround by exporting MIDI file and re - importing and use my regular key edit instead!

You don’t have the NEK extension and the project came from Cubase or Nuendo with Nek maybe (since you said drum page is not configured).

Yea, No NEK and it was from Nuendo 4

So that is the final verdict then. Nuendo 4 was pre NEK era…
Glad you found a workaround.

Yep looks like it!


I believe you can ALT+drag the MIDI part to a new track as well?

Cool, thanks for that!