Track loose it's assigned expression map

Hello, when the map get renamed and the track get disabled/enabled, the track loose it’s assigned expression map

Sometimes without even modifying the expression map name, I loose it in the track after reloading my template the next day … :frowning:



Are you talking about an Instrument Track, right?

Do I understand you right you:

  • Create a project from template (does the template include the Expression Maps already?)
  • Rename the Expression Map (this step seams to be redundant?).
  • Disable the Instrument Track.
  • Enable the Instrument Track.
    => The Expression Map had been lost.

Is this the repro?

Are you on Cubase 12.0.70? Are you on Windows or Mac?

yes instrument track.
Yes my template already have all the expression maps
Everytime I load my template, and I enable a track, pouf… it shows “no map” even tho I am almost certain I mapped a map to this track
And it seems to happen randomly

It’s not redundant, when I try to repro the bug, I can’t. But after a few days with my template, alot of disabled track loose their expression map, I have to re assign it

Did you ever heard of that ?

EDIT : I just did a REPRO. I added one character to the expression map name, disabled the track, saved the template, quit cubase and reload cubase and the expression map assignment was gone


Was it a special character or some common character, please?

it was a"t"

can you reproduce it on your end ?

The same is happening to me on Cubase 12, very annoying.

make sure you choose a name for your expression map and stick with it. Otherwise make sure to re assign it

also, make sure to put a number as a prefix for your expression map, otherwise when you have more than 50 60 maps, it can be a hell to quickly find your maps