track losing recording

Hi I recently updated my High Sierra on my Mac and have been having issues with recording just wiping off track/tracks during playback sometimes it reappears but the other day I lost all of the recording on the particular track I have attached a link to a video of the issues if you watch video it Starts around counter 33 into video you will see top and bottom tracks just disappearing here is link - I need help luckily this happened to one of my own personal recordings (still not good but better than someone else work) but I have a client coming in next week and I would hate to lose some of his work

I was thinking maybe if i update cubase to 9.5 it may fix problem what do you think?

Not sure what causing this, but the good news is that you haven’t lost your recording and the wiped clips should still be in the Audio Pool and for sure the .Wav files are still on your hard drive.