Track memory in MIDI Import Options Dialog

If I open a MIDI file which includes tracks called “Woodwinds long” and “Woodwinds short”, the MIDI Import Options Dialog identifies the instrument in each track as a single player, and proposes Woodwind 1 and Woodwind 2 as destination instruments. I manually change each instrument so as to show a section player in the “Instrument(s) in track” column. And I manually change the second destination instrument so that it too is Woodwind 1.

“Use track memory” is on, so I expect Dorico to give me the same result automatically next time I open a MIDI file with identically named tracks. But it doesn’t: it again identifies the instruments in the tracks as single players, and again assigns the tracks to two different players.

Once the instruments have been identified as single players, I suppose it makes sense that each track goes to a different player. So I think the problem is that the “track memory” is not remembering that the instrument in a track called “Woodwinds long” or “Woodwinds short” is supposed to be a section player. Why isn’t it doing this? Or rather, what am I doing wrong?

“Interpret as General MIDI” is off, if that’s relevant, and I’m on 5.1.

I’ve not got time right this minute to really dig into this issue, but I have had a quick look at the internals to remind myself whether this is something Dorico is supposed to remember, and I can confirm that it is, and indeed it also looks to be correctly saved to the memory. I’ve made a note to myself to remember to try to reproduce this for myself when I have a bit more time. If you have a simple, minimal MIDI file you can provide that would allow me to reproduce the issue quickly, that would be helpful.

Sketch.mid (1.3 KB)
Daniel, thank you. The sketching template I used to produce this in Logic, and plan to keep using, is about as simple as it could possibly be; so changing the assignments manually is no hassle. After all, that’s what one used to have to do! But if I’ve misunderstood something about this dialog (highly likely), it would be helpful to know what.

Incidentally it seems to make no difference whether I open the file as a new project or import it into an existing one.