Track Modulation Problem

Hey guys,

I’ve never used ‘Modulation’ before. I watched a youtube video on it and did exactly as instructed. Its does lets me create this event, but it doesn’t seem to work when playing the track back. Its just sounds like a normal constant volume level.
Hopefully this is a simple setting.
I attached a screen-shot.
Currently I’m using Cubase 9 LE AI Elements

Any ideas greatly welcome, thanks!



What is it your modulating in the plugin?

Im on pro, so I dont know if you have all the options I have. But the basic function of turning off the modulation, is by using the mute tool and mark out the part, or turn it off in the plugin. Bit more fancy solution is to bypass the modulation. But I dont know if you have that function.

By default if you have setup the modulation in the plugin and your mod wheel is working it, you should have no issues triggering it.

Thats about all I can think of.

Modulation is typically assigned for the sound-shaping controls of a synth – cut-off, pitch, pan, filters. It may be that the patch you tried this on doesn’t have much assigned to the Modulation Midi messages. Try other sounds. Try a violin patch; it probably has vibrato assigned to modulation. You can also use “midi learn” to teach instruments to respond to Modulation changes. Main Volume is its own midi controller.