track mono to stereo

I’m not able to find a command for the conversion of a mono track into a stereo one.
Cubase Elements 7 on Mac.

Some suggestion?

Someone will correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure it is not possible in CB E 7 as a stand alone function.

But, you could do a mixdown of your track (from the main stereo out bus) and import it back into your project.

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There is none.

if you didn’t want to mix it down you could probably double the track and just pan them L/R, no?

If you don’t mind my asking, why do you want to create a stereo track from a mono recording?

I have 25 tracks, each mono, taken from a live gig.
Each track is a song.
All this things are really simple with old softwares, and it’s simply unbelievable seems impossible on 2016.
No problem, I take out from “nirvana” my old Mac and I do this in minutes.

What you want to do is easily done with the “Render In Place” function included in Cubase Pro and Artist 8 and 8.5 versions. The “Render In Place” fuction is still not included in the Cubase Elements 8.5 version.

Again… your choice but, you could (fairly easily) do it in your Cubase using the Mixdown function as I mentioned in my previous post.

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A mono track going to a stereo output is the same as turning a mono track into a stereo track. Just export it.

You’re adding a step that doesn’t need to be done.

Also if you wanted to make it more stereo you could do some processing like stereo field plugin or reverb etc.

I’m pretty sure you can’t just “export” an audio track. You have to perform a mixdown through the stereo out bus first to make it stereo. I don’t have my CB 7 loaded any more so I can’t confirm this but… I’m pretty sure when you hit the export button it is going to bring you to the audio mixdown menu. Since you are using CB 7 maybe you can confirm this and let me know if I am wrong. Also, if you just copy the mono file (say to your desktop) and import it back, it will be a mono audio file.

Many stereo VST effects do not work correctly on mono audio tracks. That is why I always record to stereo audio tracks. Whether they originate from a mono or stereo bus. Also, you can just move the audio clip to a stereo audio track to make stereo VST effects work but it is still a mono file. You will only get a stereo audio file if you record from a stereo source or convert it through the “mixdown” function in CB 7 (or using the render in place function in CB 8.5 Pro or Artist).

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What I was saying is you put the mono track in an empty song and export it, instant stereo.

Yes it will go through the main bus, is that a problem?

And yes mono is mono even if you have two of them.

I never have any problems putting fx on my mono tracks but lots of my plugs say mono/stereo.

That was why I was saying put it through SOMETHING then it will be real stereo because each side would be different.