track name change

Six years ago I had to give up computer music due to family health issues but a couple of months ago I decided to get back into it so I bought Cubase Artist 7.5 and am trying to relearn and learn a lot more of what little I knew about Cubase 4. Last night I was fooling around with changing an instrument track instrument after recording a track using the Aria VST flute program. I switched to a trumpet sound and didn’t like any of the Aria trumpets, so I went into the inspector and changed to Kontakt 5 and the orchestral trumpet which I liked a lot better so I changed the name in the track header but I can not figure out how to change the name in the track itself. If I double click the name, the piano roll opens and if I try to click and drag to highlight it the whole track moves back and forth on the time line.

So, can I change the name in the track itself and if so, how?


Sounds like you’re trying to rename a part on a track, not the track itself… To change the name of a clip or part on a track you need to see the info line (which can be viewed by clicking a button on the top/left of the project window which has 3 boxes in it, it’s not easy to describe, see pic… and then checking the box for info line), and then when you highlight the part you can click in the name box in the info line and rename it. That’s the only (easy) way of doing it.

But then I’m using the full version, could be different for Artist??


Bingo! That was it. Thank you very much.