Track Name Font size - it's too big, need options

In Cubase 8 the Project window Track Name font size suddenly became way too large and even rendered in bold (not sure anyone was calling for this?) and this was remarked upon negatively by a lot of people. I assumed this would be dealt with but here we are in C9 with the same thing.

The font size either needs to have a big/small font option or be fully customisable. The font size in C7.5 and those in the C9 MixConsole track names are infinitely preferable.


I definitely agree that it should be customizable in the Track Controls Setting

Totally agree. Plus, I use to work with tracks height small, and now the names in the containers disappear!! So they are all blank when tracks have a small height. This is truly ridiculous… Please, Steinberg, fix this name disappearing, and please, add a custom font ability in the settings.

It looks as if Cubase/Nuendo are struggling with retina compatibility and scalability of the UI.
Large font size, very thick outlines of the event/parts containers, thick cursor.
Strange thing is that cubase 5/Nuendo 4 appearance was perfect.
So totally agree!!!
Please Steinberg optimize the UI and fonts.