track name on cursor

Hi everyone

I’m wondering if there is a way to show the track names on the cursor as you scroll about the project window.
As I’m dragging a midi region from one track to the next, I’m having trouble seeing which track I’m dragging to as I have a rather large template with the tracks usually at their smallest height.

I saw this feature on Cubase 7 recently and I was wondering if the feature still exists.
Either that or is there another visual way of seeing what track you’re on as you grab a region from it?



This feature is switched Off by default. Open Preferences > General, and enable Show More Event Info.

Thanks, Martin!

While searching for that preference I actually found another one that I was looking for and could be of help to people as well: Cross Hair Cursor > Show Horizontal Line… Fantastic!


Sorry, I was wrong with the path (I wasn’t with Cubase). The correct prerferences is: Editing > Tools > Select Tool: Show Extra Info.