Track name on ruler in edit windows

While trying to move the cursor to the beginning of a part being edited via the ruler, the track name blocks the cursor/mouse. Clicking above the track name (in C8.5) only triggers the cycle mode. But entering the cycle mode is a general state and clicking anywhere on the editor time bar is equally convenient. Locating a specific cursor position is much more critical - for many reasons, and having to work around a track name interferes with workflow.

I suggest moving the track name up into the upper “cycle” lane rather than in the needed lower time/measure lane of the ruler.

Other possible solutions include making the track name “invisible” to the cursor or adding a toggle to see/hide track names during editing as desired.

Whatever resolves this would be much appreciated.

Thanks for listening.

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If you toggle the “Show Part Borders” button (looks like two little flags, facing one another), the Part Name will disappear. :wink:


Ahhh Thanks!