Track name overridden by microsonic

Hello !

When moving among microsinic different patches, the related MIDI Track gets renamed.
This overrides the name I gave first to the track.
This is a bit annoying since a project layout is heavily based on track names.

I don’t know if it’s a wanted behavior or it’s a (minor) bug .

Please, if possible, consider fixing it :slight_smile:

Hi stanoc,

MIDI tracks that are assigned to factory instruments are named after the preset loaded, which is intended behaviour.
However, you can rename these tracks, tapping the first entry of the track inspector tab.

In addition, the factory instruments come with short instrument previews, which are audible in the Media Bay (Media/Instruments/choose an instrument).

Best wishes,

Thank you for the suggestions

This should be changed to be an option.

When I name a track, and change the synth patch later, it would be altogether unacceptable, to have to write my chosen track name a second time.

The preview functionality is fine!