Track names inherited from part/event names

So I know we can do the opposite in prefs, move an audio file onto a track and it inherits that track name. But I would find it really useful and a timesaver to have a preference to do the opposite.

A case example: I have a mixing template set up, FX sens preloaded, routing of every track and subgroup set up ready to go. I might have generic names on empty audio tracks like Guitar 1, Guitar 2 etc. I might have 40 tracks I’m importing, and I have to go through and manually rename each track to reflect the part (I like to have track names refer specifically to the audio file name).

Other option is to not import audio files to existing blank tracks but that has its own tedium of needing to reroute and configure every new track.

Having an option for a track name to be inherited from an audio part that is on it would be really helpful (automatically or a global manual toggle).