Track names to event names (properly)

Yes, I know you can shift-enter a track name and it will assign that name as description to the event. In Logic you can select all tracks and do a key command to batch rename all regions/events to track names.

In Cubase you have a weird description field and file name field in info line. I don’t want to see a different file name in parenthesis on the event. Shift-entering a track name will not change file name on the event. If it’s an issue then why show two fields? Just have event description or have an option in preferences? Thanks.

I’d like the ability to easily name each part within a track completely independently to the track name without going near the info line. In past versions, alt clicking on the part would allow you to rename just that part. It’s not a big deal, it’s just taking me a bit of getting used to!

Please fix this!