Track Notepad Enhancements

I use the track notepad to document a track for source, microphone, preamp, and preamp settings. These are just a few little enhancements that could be done

  1. When you have Open Track Notepad set to a key command, also move the cursor into the window and highlight or add a “focus” line around the window as this would be the open window.

  2. Allow key command to move to the next track in the project. No more mouse needed.

  3. Add “a form” that can be customized and added to the track such as: Source, Microphone, Pre-Amp, Pre-Amp, etc. What I do now is copy a basic form from my clipboard and past it in the notepad. This keeps it looking consistent.

    Mainly I want to go directly to the notepad of the current track I am working on with one key command and cycle though all highlighted tracks. This will save time.

I am sure there are more that could be done to the notepad.


+1 Yes, it’s sure there are more that could be done to the notepad.

+1 similar to my request, Project and Track Information to Notepad - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Because the project file contains all this information, should be a doddle to simply input it into the notepad of a particular track (or multiple tracks in one go), or export it so to speak. This is more important that VariAudio which the UN should investigate for abusing our ears by correcting so many bad singers!


Agree, notepad could be much more. Something like user defined key value pairs is a good idea.
Also, when pasting text from the clipboard to the notepad, it erases all the line endings, making a garbled mess from e.g. pasted song lyrics.



A big Hell Yeah to this!!

I would like to be able to post a photo in a track notepad. For example, I find the easiest way to remember a preset on the Moog Matriarch is to take a photo and then label it. If this could be posted alongside the relevant track recording, that would be even better.

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