Track number mismatch causes incorrect track in List Editor

See previous issue, track number labels and track numbers in Range Selection do not match.

In addition, there is a serious bug related to the same: select a midi part on one of the mis-numbered tracks and open List Editor: it opens with the data from a DIFFERENT track, the one 3 lower where the mismatched tracks are off by 3.

I think this is what caused me and perhaps many other new users to have so much trouble with getting to know the program — selections were so unpredictable one never knew whether it was user error or programming error.

This one needs to be fixed!!!

Screen shot showing track number mismatches. cu 8.05 win 7 64

This is a bug, not a suggestion. Can someone please let me know how to make the post comply with whatever is needed to be in the “issues” not the “miscues”.