Track number mismatch: range selection, project window

I’m looking at a track in the project window. It has a little number to identify it. Say #3. I open Range select, pick a start, end, top track and bottom track by number: I use, say, #3. Presto the wrong track is selected.

At least two track types seem to increment the Range Select track number but don’t get reflected in the Project Window track number: a tempo track at the top and a VST instrument with multiple outputs. Each new VST instrument makes the track count get off by one more.

Turns out folders cause this track number mismatch too. Get most tracks out of the way to focus on just a few: they have little track numbers “101” “105” “106” “109”. Think you can select by track number? No. You have to count the visible tracks on screen for “range select” to work. [edit] I tried my best to write this up as an issue, then kept finding new bits of the problem. Right or wrong, it turned into 4 issue reports and an hour spent trying to say it clearly and get screen shots. Another hour gone.