Track on CD louder when separate

I use Wavelab to burn CDs of my tunes (produced in C7.5). I currently have 16 on a CD using Montage.

Now I want add a new 17th track. First I try it by burning the new tune on its own on one CD (still using Montage) - just to check what it sounds like. Then, as I am happy with the sound, I add the track onto a new CD together with a number of my other tracks (using an already-saved Montage) so I have all of my tracks on the one CD, including the new tune.

The odd thing is that on its own CD the new track is a certain level - but on the CD with the other tracks it is much quieter. (This is without using Meta Normalizer.)

How is it that a single track burns onto CD at a higher level (volume) than with a number of others?

There must be something different in the effects you apply; either to the clip, to the montage track or in the master section. Or a level change in one or more of these parts (including master section faders).

Arjan, I don’t apply anything different to the two clips. The clip that goes onto the end of the montage that has other clips and the one that goes into its own montage alone are exactly the same file from the same place. And I don’t change anything in Wavelab.

I guess the thing that aroused my interest was that I have always had a problem with getting a decent level in my recordings - once burned to CD (along with my other tracks) they always play softer than commercial CDs. However…this single track actually has that commercial volume level! So if I could get them all like that I would be a happy man!

I will check through step by step for any differences, but this is intriguing!