Track order change between the editing window and the track list

How can the track order change between the editing window and the track list in the same window? We can see that Lit Musique is out of place in the list (it’s alone at the top instead of following at the bottom).


I can see 3 columns of dots in the Inspector, what is the Zones section for MixConsole. Therefore I expect you have MixConsole open in the Lower Zone and this is MixConsole’s Inspector showing the Visibility > Zones.

Hi Martin,
The mix console in the bottom zone and the main mix console show the same problem as the track list, with a different track order from the edit window. However, both are synchronized. And, for this test, I chose to put everything on the left zone (I’m talking about the dot).

Here’s an image of the track list, where the track location is correct, the editor (also correct) and the Mixconsole at the bottom, where the track is out of place.


Could you please provide the whole window (at least the Inspector part), so we know, which tab is really open in this case?

  1. With Zone tab
  2. With Track tab

I hope this is clearer. I realize that the track that’s out of place is numbered 13, which would explain its position in the zones tab. It should be 273, according to its position in the Track tab and in the Editor. Odd. Note that it was already like that with N12, before I switched my project to N13.


As I said, the Zones belongs to the MixConsole window. Thanks to the Zones, you could have different order in the Project window and MixConsole.

I know, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. If you look at the first image, the 4 beds (brown tracks) are requested in the left-hand area, as are all the tracks in this example, to make it easier to understand. In the editor, the bed tracks are in a row. They follow one another. However, in the track list and Mixconsole, without any other configuration being requested, one of the tracks turns up separate from the others and at the top of the list, with a different track number. In my opinion, this is a bug.


As I can see, the ID of the track is 13. That’s the reason, why it’s on top in the MixConsole. The question is, why isn’t it on top also in the Project window, or why does it have ID 13, when it’s down.

Exactly. I think I just found it. It was the division of the track list (the option to divide the editing window into two vertical sections) that was creating this oddity. The problematic track was no longer requested in the top section, but Nuendo kept it in the track list, but not in the editor. Once the command to abandon the two-section split was given, it returned correctly. And the track was automatically renamed from 13 to 273…

Update: If I redivide, on the other hand, the track goes back to 13, even though nothing asks for it. I don’t have the time right now, but I’ll report it to SB.

Update 2. Well, I’ve managed to figure it out and fix it. I’ll explain how for those to whom it might happen. It’s a question of folders. A track in a folder does not move from one section to another in a division of the track list. The track has to be out of the directory, otherwise you have to move the whole directory from one section to another. So I moved the whole directory to the top section, then withdrew the tracks from the directory. Next, I moved the tracks back to the bottom section, then moved the empty directory back too. Then, once everything was in the bottom section, I put the tracks back in the directory and Nuendo memorized them well. Problem solved. There had to be a crossover between moving tracks and/or folders from one section to another.